Trusted by insurers and financial services firms to drive real-time decision making.

With its technical origins in the US intelligence community and its founders' experiences developing and deploying internet-scale applications, Omniscience created a software execution framework to handle the high data volumes and combinatorial complexity of the real world. Omniscience's team brings extensive experience in machine learning, algorithmic distribution, finance, insurance, and data science.

Omniscience is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. Investors include Reinsurance Group of America, TD Bank, Translink Capital and others. Omniscience's software solutions enable leading financial services firms and insurers to increase revenues, lower costs, reduce risk, and improve return on equity. And Omniscience's software helps government agencies to protect the homeland.

Our team

Sunil Rawat, CEO
Sunil Rawat


Manu Shukla, CTO
Manu Shukla


Andrew Fong, COO
Andrew Fong


Pallavi Ramnarain, VP of Business Development & Strategy
Pallavi Ramnarain

VP of Business Development & Strategy

Dale L. McConnell, VP of Sales
Dale L. McConnell

VP of Sales

Tom Niermann
Tom Niermann

VP of Product

Akihiko Katayama
Akihiko Katayama

VP for Hong Kong

Sakuya Morimoto

VP for Japan

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