Making profitable underwriting decisions has never been easier.

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Omniscience Software Suite - Insurance and Financial Services Redefined

An advanced suite of applications to transform your business powered by our continually-learning and improving underwriting platform.

GRAPHIC-Underwriting Suite
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    Grow Your Book of Business: Omniscience provides an incredibly simple service to insurers and financial services firms that creates a better experience for your customers and allows you greater access to the underinsured and uninsured via a non-invasive, lighter touch underwriting process. We've assembled a group of algorithms, neural networks, random forests, support vector machines, and a whole bunch of processing power to make it this easy, and we handle all that for you.

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    Improve Operational Efficiency: Behind the scenes, we use a highly complex process of advanced analytical techniques. On the front-end, you simply load batches of unstructured documents or post a small set of inputs via our REST API. You then get back an instant decision - approve, refer or decline. And, we return you a risk rating with a complete explanation of how the decision was made. We tune the algorithmic threshold of confidence to your needs to maximize straight-through processing and serve up valuable intelligence on any case referred to underwriters so they can be handled more efficiently.

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    Improve Risk Selection: Omniscience improves underwriting consistency and compliance. Unlike traditional models of underwriting which focus on rules and a relatively small set of attributes, we analyze thousands of data points from a wide variety of internal, public and alternative sources, to allow you to more accurately model risk for any applicant.

Omniscience Capital Management Engine

Optimize capital management and decipher answers to "what if" scenario questions in minutes instead of weeks.

  • Right-size capital buffers freeing up capital with improved return on equity.

  • Re-allocate resources to focus on a consolidated view of risk.

  • Focus on opportunity and create new products at a much lower cost to target new and broader market segments.

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