Best in class application suites for underwriting and capital management.

A modular product solution built to address your needs and scale with your business.

Omniscience Underwriting Suite delivers the right information to your underwriter when they need it.

Brings the full force of artificial intelligence and machine learning to your business to decipher data chaos that can otherwise cloud decisions.
GRAPHIC-Underwriting Suite

Omniscience Underwriting Suite, configured for you.

  • data-extract

    Pulls source data from the most complex and even dirty forms via our advanced template-agnostic OCR capabilities. As data is digitized, we infer the structure of the data, establishing relationships. For life insurance, we ingest comprehensive APS records to optimize the underwriting decision.

  • mega-meld

    Integrates numerous data sources – open, internal public. Your comprehensive data set analyzes the full problem space by ingesting all the data and the entire combination of factors, assuring more accurate conclusions.

  • risk-engine

    Accurately assesses risk via powerful algorithms based on Omniscience machine learning. Mines historical data and other data sources to assess the risk related to each business decision.

  • decision-engine

    Consists of machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to facilitate straight through processing and recommendation.

  • kaizen

    Continually improves the decision system to learn 24x7 by controlling what the AI learns from, resulting in more accurate decisions. The system also learns from your most experienced underwriters, leveraging their experience and expertise. Ongoing data integration continually trains the system.

  • underwriting-assist

    Analyzes extensive documentation and extracts the highest potential risk issues to present the critical risks to an underwriter, who can then rapidly assess the customer and assign price and risk in an auditable way.

  • underwriting-audit

    Provides explanatory trail required by regulatory audits and to illuminate the basis of decisions. The entire book of business is audited, not just samples which is customary today.

Omniscience Capital Management Engine - Optimized Capital Management

  • capital-management-engine

    Greater available capital and lower insolvency risk through more precise capital models. Compliant with critical regulations, such as IFRS17, IFRS9, CECL, Basel III, Solvency II, DFAST, and CCAR.

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