Omni Automation Engine

Reduce Life Insurance underwriting expense by 70%+, make decision 100x faster, with 0% incremental risk

Improve the customer experience through guided and automated underwriting decisions

Product UWA description & examples

Omniscience Life Insurance Underwriting Automation Software is different

Outperform off-the-shelf algorithms & models for 70-90% better savings and 100X speed and accuracy

Higher straight-through processing rates (STP) no matter the data

Omniscience's Computational Platform and propriety math and distributed programming extend gains on top of current methods and data used today

Automate without Increasing mortality risk, no matter the product

Proprietary modeling methods provide best decision and rating to optimize mortality loss costs for fluidness, accelerated, or fully-UW complex and high-value policies

Make automated human-level decisions fully transparent and explainable

Enable more straight-through processing even for complex, medically underwritten and high-face value policies

Omni Decision Engine in Action

From application to close, Omniscience optimizes your workflow to improve customer experience

Omni Kaizen

Build, train, tune and simulate models that represent your risk appetite for optimal performance and accuracy

Omni Decision

Omni Guidance

Insurance CIO Outlook

Applying its transformational technology to life insurance initially and expanding to other industries, Omniscience was named one of the Top 10 Underwriting Solution Providers of 2019. Omniscience empowers underwriters with technological advances using AI to streamline efficiency and precision.

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