Underwriting Automation

Remove the barriers to growth with Straight Through Processing

The Omniscience Underwriting Suite is a comprehensive system designed to optimize your business for growth. Tailored for the unique demands of underwriting decisions, it utilizes domain-specific paradigms, such as the life insurance framework, to achieve unparalleled levels of accuracy.

Decisions that would usually take days or weeks can be finalized instantly. This unparalleled speed and accuracy enable you to leverage two of your key resources — your people and your distribution channels. Increased efficiency and turnaround time, is directly tied to increased policy sales, benefiting all stakeholders and accelerating the growth of your business.

Omniscience Underwriting combines advanced machine learning models with specific guidance from your organization’s expertise, inputting this into the Decision Engine to create an automatic underwriting decisioning system. The unique Omniscience Kaizen module creates a compounding cycle of continuous improvement to propel your business far beyond the competition.

This is a key step of your journey to Computational Insurance — a new era in insurance technology that will inevitably impact every company in the insurance market, with early adopters reaping the rewards.


Underwriting Automation and Accuracy

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    Grow Your Book of Business: Faster, more accurate decisions, deliver an enhanced experience for customers, resulting in more business.

  • Omniscience

    Improve Risk Selection: Instantaneous analysis of internal and external data sources to access policy risk, enables balancing of risk profiles to optimize your portfolio.

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    New Growth Opportunities: Increased insights and the removal of time consuming paperwork enables your experts to focus on ways to grow your business and better serve your customers.

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    Easy Adoption: Scaled implementation to suit your needs, from targeted implementation for triage scenarios to full adoption and automation of operations.


An Industry Game Changer

OmniDecision is our unique decision engine. Its core technology is built with the same complexity and accuracy that is required to satisfy the missions of government intelligence agencies. 

Taking this level of precision and analytical force, we have matured our technology even further, combining potentially infinite internal and external data sources beyond human ability to comprehend. This unlimited capacity enables the OmniDecision to deliver unprecedented ultra-high-fidelity decision making.

Omniscience has integrated the unlimited potential of this processing capacity with the Life Insurance framework to deliver the decision-certainty required to optimize complex risk management for the Insurance industry. We are committed to delivering unprecedented speed and accuracy that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.



Continuous and Compounding Improvement

OmniKaizen ensures your business system is as capable as your most experienced experts.

As the system encounters the inevitable ambiguous situations in an ever-changing environment and resulting questions are resolved, the system retains the learnings. That new intelligence remains in the system, ensuring instantaneous future application and creating massive increases in operational efficiency. The compounding effect of this continuous improvement enables your Omniscience system to learn from, and automatically retain, the full intelligence of your underwriting team without human engagement.

Omniscale is the only solution that combines machine learning, organizational expertise and rules to deliver accurate decisions against increasingly complex data sets.

Augmenting institutional expertise, Omniscience extends the capabilities of underwriters. Rules tackle simple cases quickly. Machine learning handles more complexity, learning from and operating against pre-loaded scenarios.

The combination allows underwriters to accurately predict and anticipate an emerging reality.

Insurance CIO Outlook

Applying its transformational technology to life insurance initially and expanding to other industries, Omniscience was named one of the Top 10 Underwriting Solution Providers of 2019. Omniscience empowers underwriters with technological advances using AI to streamline efficiency and precision.

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