Omniscience Megaservices

Built to drive decision-making across the entire business

Many business decisions today need to consider how the entire business is impacted. When business silos are optimized for efficiency, only isolated change results. Omniscience megaservices take advantage of all the data across the business. The Omniscale Kaizen continually-learning process drives decisions that solve for the hyperdimensional complexities of the whole business, in a timely way.


Omniscience Megaservices power decision-making across industries, from underwriting to disaster management



Adopt our continually-learning applications as you need to automate your business

  • UWA

    Omniscience Decision Engine is a machine learning engine optimized for business decisions requiring explainability, and a clear understanding of the business impact of those decisions. Its ability to handle hyperdimensional complexity makes it uniquely capable of making decisions in the most chaotic environments.

  • Customer

    Accurately assessing risk is key to any business decision. Utilizing all the data across business silos becomes critical to ensure the entire picture of business risk is evaluated when making any decision.

  • Actuarial

    Pulls data values from the most complex and even dirty forms via our advanced template-agnostic OCR capabilities. As data is digitized, we infer the structure of the data, establishing relationships. For example in life insurance, we ingest laboratory and healthcheck records to optimize the underwriting decision.

  • Claims

    Mega Meld® integrates numerous data sources – open, internal, public. Melding the different perspectives gained from a variety of data sources creates a comprehensive data set of the full problem space. Ingesting all the data, and the combination of factors, assures the most accurate decisions.

  • Capital

    Greater available capital and lower insolvency risk through more precise capital models. The computational performance allows more thorough and pro-active assessment of risk factors impacting the portfolio. Compliant with critical regulations, such as IFRS17, IFRS9, CECL, Basel III, Solvency II, DFAST, and CCAR.

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