Omni Risks Ops Platform

A platform that allows you to leverage all your data to solve your most difficult business problems

Omniscience Technology

Future-proofed to handle ever-increasing data sets

At the core of Omniscience technology is a new approach to data distribution that allows vast amounts of data to stay intact throughout the entire cycle. This new distribution technology is unlike earlier technologies which relied on approximations to handle large volumes of data. In today’s environment of warp speed data growth and hypercomplex businesses, outdated approaches compromise data integrity and speed. The Omniscale Platform allows data to be handled without compromise.

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Patented distribution frameworks derived from leading-edge intelligence applications enable Omniscale to process data across thousands of servers, delivering recommended decisions in hours rather than days or even years.

Computational Insurance

At Omniscience, we have reimagined the insurance company of the future based on the concept of Computational Insurance™, which positions Industry leaders to offer services in a completely new way. Computational Insurance humanizes your company by automating and optimizing data crunching, and leveraging the expertise and insights of your most valuable resource — your people. It is the humanity of your business that ultimately drives your company’s future, builds customer loyalty and identifies opportunities for growth.

One of the most essential elements of the Computational Enterprise is the ultimate goal of cross-organization mutual-optimization.

The mutual-optimization of the five mega-services that make up Computational Insurance help you reach unprecedented levels of cooperation and effective decision making. With Computational Insurance, your interrelated goals of increased revenue, lower claims, higher customer satisfaction, long term financial stability and adaptation to an ever-changing world are considered when making every decision, with a clear view of how each will impact the other elements of your organization.


Omniscience helps you do more

Meet rising customer expectations with our scalable software suite, built on our computational platform

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Extract, digitize, and use data from paper or digital documents for auto decisioning and guidance

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Render human-level decisions and recommendations with full transparency and explainability for any product, e.g., from simple issue to facultative

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"As data continues to proliferate and increase in complexity, the need to utilize advanced computing and machine learning capabilities accelerates. Omniscience’s ability to use machine learning to run models against increasingly large data sets at scale enables Guardian to make more accurate predictions across core and emerging businesses. Our investment in Omniscience solidifies our commitment to using these capabilities to better serve our prospective customers and current policyholders, make more informed decisions and be a data-driven organization.”

- Tom Olds,
Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Data Analytics at Guardian Life

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