Omniscience Technology

A seismic shift in computing

At the core of Omniscience technology is a new approach to data distribution that allows vast amounts of data to stay intact throughout the entire cycle. This new distribution technology is unlike earlier technologies which relied on approximations to handle large volumes of data. In today’s environment of warp speed data growth and hypercomplex businesses, outdated approaches compromise data integrity and speed. The Omniscale Platform allows data to be handled without compromise.


Future-proofed to handle ever-increasing data sets

In simple terms, Omniscience rethought how data is handled in today’s computing environments. Each piece of data, whether public or private, is given its own “GPS coordinates” and kept intact through the entire processing cycle. Sophisticated mathematical transformations ensure accuracy, and innovative distributed processing allows data to be processed over thousands of servers, thus speeding up computation time. With Kaizen, conclusions are continually improved. With Auditor, processes are tracked for regulatory adherence in real time. Your data is never approximated, regardless of how much data is involved. This is a breakthrough in data handling and distribution.


Continually improving, always trackable, against proliferating data sets


Patented distribution technology enables algorithms to be re-engineered into fine grain distributable objects, speeding processing and delivering accurate results.


  • Omniscience operates at extreme scale, ingesting and analyzing ALL of the data
  • Private data is extracted via advanced data collection tools and combined with public cloud data
  • Each data element is smartened, processed independently and reassembled in the analysis phase

  • Essential accuracy achieved with mathematical transformations
  • Analytical rigor detects both positive and negative data correlations
  • Artificial Intelligence and deep learning combine to create a continually-learning platform
  • Edge effect distortions are eliminated

  • Yields near instantaneous results
  • Data sets processed across 1000+ machines
  • Real time hypothesis testing and tuning via feedback loop
  • Automated model and scenario development, delivering "what if" answers in minutes


Captures and understands your data at lightning-fast speeds


Patented distribution frameworks derived from leading-edge intelligence applications enable Omniscale to process data across thousands of servers, delivering recommended decisions in hours rather than days or even years.

"As data continues to proliferate and increase in complexity, the need to utilize advanced computing and machine learning capabilities accelerates. Omniscience’s ability to use machine learning to run models against increasingly large data sets at scale enables Guardian to make more accurate predictions across core and emerging businesses. Our investment in Omniscience solidifies our commitment to using these capabilities to better serve our prospective customers and current policyholders, make more informed decisions and be a data-driven organization.”

- Tom Olds,
Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Data Analytics at Guardian Life

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