We decipher data chaos by gathering and analyzing all of your data.

Competing technologies abbreviate the data with successive approximations, resulting in poor decisions, faulty AI algorithms and compromised business models.

Omniscale produces more accurate decisions, faster, eclipsing alternative technologies.

We analyze your data in real time by smartening discreet data elements and applying proprietary high volume distributed processing.

The Omniscale Platform captures and understands your data at unprecedented scale, accuracy and speed.

GRAPHIC-Underwriting Suite

Underlying our Insurance Suite and Capital Management Engine are unique algorithms that efficiently process high data volumes and understand the inherent combinatorial complexities of the real world. By applying advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we provide insurers and financial services enterprises with nonlinear, dynamic models of risk. Our models radically outperform traditional rules based approaches and continually improve by learning from new cases and scenarios.


Future-proofed to handle ever-increasing data sets.

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  • Omniscience operates at extreme scale, ingesting and analyzing ALL of the data
  • Private data is extracted via advanced data collection tools and combined with public cloud data
  • Each data element is smartened, processed independently and reassembled in the analysis phase
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  • Essential accuracy achieved with mathematical transformations
  • Analytical rigor detects both positive and negative data correlations
  • Artificial Intelligence and deep learning combine to create a continually-learning platform
  • Edge effect distortions are eliminated
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  • Yields near instantaneous results
  • Data sets processed across 1000+ machines
  • Real time hypothesis testing and tuning via feedback loop
  • Automated model and scenario development, delivering "what if" answers in minutes
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