Computational Insurance

At Omniscience we have seen the world, our customers and large insurance companies change fundamentally in the last few years – accelerated even more dramatically by the events of 2020.  The world is faster and much more complex.  Across industries, there are growing expectations that every decision must have a positive impact on the company as a whole.

At Omniscience we have reimagined the insurance company of the future based on the concept of Computational Insurance™, which positions Industry leaders to offer services in completely a new way. ‘Computational Insurance’ humanizes a company by automating and optimizing the voluminous data crunching, and enabling the expertise and insights of your people, your most valuable resource, to be fully leveraged. It is the human aspects of the business that ultimately drives the company’s future, builds customer loyalty, identifies opportunities and imagines better ways to work.

Over the course of this series we will not just paint the vision of ‘Computational Insurance’ and all it enables, but also clearly explain the path to get there. We’ll explain how today’s organizations can embrace this future innovation in small steps now, each adding value, while intentionally paving the way to the bigger vision – one that will truly differentiate the leaders in the industry.

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