Welcome to the Future

With the Lemonade (LMND) IPO, the excitement around remaking the Insurance Business has been highlighted. A few, interesting companies have started with a blank sheet of paper to target insurance consumers directly. But, the Life Insurance industry is very large, getting bigger, and made up of some of the most interesting companies in the world. And the established companies need to relook at their operational and financial structures. How do these important companies reorient their businesses for the future while also building on their existing business? Today, our customer Sompo Himawari showed one way to do it. By using Omniscience artificial intelligence, Sompo Himawari has created their onramp for Computational Insurance™.

That’s what the vision of Computational Insurance represents. Each company can use the platform, in a systematic way, to create their vision of the business they want to be for the rest of the decade. Today, that platform is available for Life Insurance Underwriting Automation. Over time, the Omniscience platform will expand to allow large companies to get on the runway and build a business for the long term: one which can handle the vast, multidimensional complexity of today’s environment while making business decisions that optimize shareholder and customer value.

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